Friday, October 1, 2021

QR Code for Payment

Payment with  QR Code Scanned is very popular Today. Here we have an add-on that prints the QR code in the default Simple/Comprehensive invoices. 

There are two scenarios'

  •  Full Payment

                When you scan the QR code , Payee cannot change the amount

  • Partial Payment

                Payee can manually enter the amount.

Our add-ons is fit for both scenarios

Enhancement on 20-11-2021

Included in all Ledgers/Reminders/Conformation statements etc
Now you can print bank details also.

1. Ledger confirmation with QR Code

2. Reminder Letter with QR Code

3. Outstanding Statement with QR Code

4. Ledger Statement with QR Code

Have a QR Code when you give invoices to your customers. Let every customers know about this add-ons.

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